How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Affecting Off-Season Athletes

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full motion, athletes around the world are unsure of what is to come of their respective sport’s upcoming season. Since there is no way to tell when this pandemic will blow over, HSE athletes are preparing for their next season with uncertainty. How has this turn of events affected how HSE athletes are preparing for their next season(s)?

Jack Struss, 11:

“I run track and xc, but track is my main focus… Training without the team has been very difficult. I have had little motivation to run by myself and I have a long history with injuries. Since we have a great training staff at the school, I would go to every day and they would quite frankly hold me together by giving me access to their expertise and equipment that I could use.”

Anthony Blinco, 11:

“I’d usually have training a couple of times a week [for tennis] but that’s been shut down. I also can’t go play with anyone because of the quarantine so the only thing I can really do is bodyweight workouts.”

Matt Weaver, 11:

“It’s made it a lot harder because a lot of gyms are closed so I have to find some at-home workouts to get stronger [for soccer]. It’s also hard to go to the fields with friends because of social distancing.”

Ben Cowan, 11:

“It is making it really hard for me to train. The best way to train for hockey is being on the ice, and since the rink is closed I can’t be on the ice for a while. I’ve had to make sure every day that I’m running on the treadmill and that I’m stick handling.”

Jason Stutz, 11:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all gyms and [basketball] courts in the area to shut down. I’ve just been doing home workouts and staying ready for when basketball resumes.”