Capturing the Moment: A Spotlight on Brynn Bowman

Elizabeth Moodispaugh

Highschool, many would argue, is a time for students to find their passions, hobbies, and beliefs. Examples could include art, music, sports, cooking, etc. One student who did just that is senior Brynn Bowman who took up photography right before her freshman year, but now a senior, photography had become very important in her life.

“Photography is super important to me because it allows me to be super creative and come up with shoots and styles that you would not normally see every day.” Bowman said.

Bowman used her free time to create unique, colorful shoots with her friends. She even created one to represent equality amongst BLM. Not only is photography a hobby for her, she planned to have a career based around it in the future.

“I am planning on doing photography both in college and as a profession,” Bowman said. “I think it would be cool to either start my own business, or work for some kind of major brand/magazine and take photos for them.”

Bowman’s creative shoots sprouted from many different places including Pinterest, places she sees while driving around, and can sometimes just randomly pop up in her head.

“The things I come with for shoots can seem super weird in the moment but the results after are always super cool.” Bowman said.

While photography is something Bowman enjoyed, she saw it effected other around her as well. Since her shoots were mostly with close friends and family, it paid off for her to see their excitement of the final product. Because of this, she keeps her schedule busy.

“I have some family sessions and senior photos coming up soon,” Bowman said. “I recently did a “glamour” type shoot with some friends that I am in the process of editing.”

Bowman used a canon T3i for her shoots with two separate lenses being 55mm-250mm and 18-55mm.

Bowman, now with four years of photography under her belt hopes to spread the love of photography to others.

“My tips for upcoming photographers is to be creative and try all sorts of ideas,” Bowman said. “Try experimenting with different styles and angles with friends and get really good at editing. That’s something I am still working on.”

With creativity and colors at heart, Bowman’s camera will continue snapping shots into her future.