NFL Draft: Biggest Winner and Loser

Adam Hipsky

Biggest Winner: Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears were the undeniable winner of the 2021 NFL Draft. After a desperate search in hope of finding their franchise quarterback, GM Ryan Pace settled on Andy Dalton. This move left Chicago in a bad spot, with no true future quarterback, and heading towards another average, mediocre season. Then, Pace made some calls on draft night and after some wheeling and dealing, the Bears had moved up seven spots to the 11th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. In the exchange with the Giants, the Bears gave up next year’s first-round selection and a fourth-rounder in this and next year’s NFL draft. With the 11th pick, the Bears took Justin Fields, the signal-caller from Ohio State. A surprise that Fields fell past the top 10 gave the Bears a perfect chance to take the quarterback of their future. This franchise now has a direction offensively, something they have lacked in the past years. If Fields pans out the way most expect him to, then the Bears have a true chance at contending in the next few years behind a stellar defense.

Honorable Mention: Cleveland Browns

Biggest Loser: Seattle Seahawks

After a disappointing end to a 2020 campaign for the Seahawks, most expected the Seahawks to go out and try and target a major need of theirs in the offseason, some offensive line help. Seattle used one selection on the offensive line but not until the 6th round, selecting Stone Forsythe from Florida. Expecting a 6th round draft pick to come in and make an immediate impact is asinine and now leaves the Seahawks with another year of a lackluster offensive line to protect Russell Wilson.


Honorable Mention: Green Bay Packers