SSN: Gronkowski’s Playground

Eric Bedrosian

After a successful transition to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after a long- lived career with the New England Patriots, Rob Gronkowski is turning heads in a positive light. In what seems to be a huge surprise for the Boston community, Gronkowski hand delivered a massive check for $1.2 million dollars over the weekend to a local park. Gronkowski wrote a $1.2 million check to renovate Charles bank Playground in Boston, crediting his days with the New England Patriots behind the park renovation donation.

“The Patriots taught me the importance of giving back from the very first day I stepped in that organization,” Gronkowski said. “No matter where I go or where I live, I will always have a special connection to New England and the people who live here.”

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After signing a one- year deal with the Buccaneers to return for the 2021-22 NFL season worth $10 million, Gronk spent 12 percent of it to help renovate the playground- certainly a kind gesture, especially in the world of sports nowadays.

Gronkowski is one of four tight ends in history to have four 1,000-yard seasons and his 8,400+ receiving yards are sixth all-time by a tight end. Gronk has the most receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns in the playoffs from a tight end as well. Even though he has left the Patriots for some place much warmer, his heart still stays with the coaches, players, families, and community within the New England Patriots.

Now let’s see if Brady can put his money where his mouth is and follow in Gronk’s footsteps. After all, he did just invest $7 million into a yacht…

Story by: Eric Bedrosian