HSE Fans and Their Huge Role in the Success of the Football Team

Dominic Sicilia

HSE football has started off hotter than they’ve been in recent memory. They boast a 4-0 record, winning big in every game, including a 42-13 win in the mudsock game. Although HSE has many pieces that make them better than the last couple years, One really sticks out.

#1 Peyton Daniels celebrates interception @Fishers Photo by Olivia White

The student section at HSE football games has been much louder and crazier than previous years. So many people have been coming out to support the royals every Friday night. And the royals have responded by giving the fans lots to cheer for.

HSE Student Section during USA night Photo by Olivia White

HSE is ranked as one of the best teams in the state as of now, and is one of the hardest places to play. HSE is being rewarded for their dominance on the field and in the bleachers. Wish Tv is bringing their tailgate party to HSE to be televised right before the game against Westfield.

HSE Student Section vs. Avon Photo from HSE Blue Crew

No one knows for sure why this season has had so much fan engagement. HSE Blue Crew member Adam Hipsky said, “I think the reason there have been so many people coming out to games is because Sophomores and Freshman haven’t had any experiences at games before this year, because of Covid.” The fact that HSE is currently 4-0 and ranked 7th in the state definitely also has a lot to do with it.

HSE Students preparing for the mudsock game @Fishers Photo from HSE Blue Crew

HSE takes on #4 Westfield at home this Friday. It’s gonna be a great game and the stadium will be rocking. No matter how they play the Royals will always have a home field advantage, especially they way the fans are this year.