CBB Mania 2021 (Opinon)

Trestyn Mayberry

The season maybe 2 weeks into the season but that doesn’t mean anything to team’s as we have already seen many upset’s like Virginia, Michigan, Oregon, and many more. But this season is going off a crazy year that included empty stadiums and many teams not living up to expectations as Baylor managed to secure the National Championship. This is a whole new season with fans back in the arena as teams from all over the country are hungry to win a title and make a statement to the CBB world for many season to come.

This season will consist of many roller coasters and thing we won’t see coming but after this season we will be missing one of the legendary names in basketball! Coach K will retire after this final season and let assistant Jon Scheyer take over the BlueDevils as Coach K has made of the most everlasting impact’s in this game. Looking back at the overall career of Coach K he has an overall record of 1174-361 and 5 national championships as he has made Duke one of the best programs to ever be. After this season who know’s what may happened to the BlueDevils as they are headed in the right direction with the NO.1 recruiting class for the 2022 season (per 24/7 Sports).


We are ready to see all the new names this season as we have some talented players like Chet Holmgrem, Emoni Bates, Paolo Banchero, and Patrick Baldwin. This class had many talented prospects in this class but with landing 6 commits, Memphis is looking to have a break-out season with big names like Jalen Duren and Emoni Bates. The big award for the Freshman of the Year has to go to Paolo as I believe he will have a big year for Duke and help push Coach K to one final National Championship!


If you could guess any team to win the National Championship, what team would that be? This is what many people are thinking as they’re many teams that are ready to make a lot of damage this season like Kansas, Purdue, and UCLA. If you look at those 3 teams you will see one thing in common as they are very experienced and have a lot of pieces coming back. This is possible just for this season by the new rule that can take the last season (2020-21) as a redshirt because it was intervene with Covid the whole season, so we will now have players called “Super-Seniors”. For the tournament there is 64 teams to make it and everyone is watching at home but the 4 teams i have battling it out last for the title would have to be.

Final Four

East Bracket: UCLA

South Bracket: Gonzaga

West Bracket: Duke

North Bracket: Michigan

National Championship

UCLA vs. Duke

Winner: UCLA
Tournament MVP: Johnny JuzangĀ