Girl Cross Country Recap

Waking up at the crack of dawn, the smell of sweat and the feeling of taking step overstep giving your all to just get a better time. For many athletes on the girls cross country team at Hamilton Southeastern they’ll be back next season. But for the seniors this was their last time running for Hamilton Southeastern, or even running for a team in general.

This year Girls Cross Country had a great season. Getting 1st place in the Wildcat Classic Invitational with a total of 42 points. Though I think that a lot of the players would say that the conferences isn’t what made the season, but instead the people. Senior cross-country player, Julianne Mclean talks about how these past four years have not only been for her love of running but instead she has made some of her best friends while practicing the sport… “I will absolutely miss the friendships I made from the sport. I got to run every day with some of my best friends, which I am very thankful for these past four years.” Cross Country is an independent sport but encouraging your teammates to do better and telling them to work towards getting that better time is what makes the season.

Throughout season, you must be motivated. This isn’t a sport to lack motivation, especially when at a conference. Senior, Grace Newton talks about her motivation throughout the season and how important it is, “What motivated me the most throughout this season was that it would be my last year running and I wanted to give it all I had.”

Overall, girls’ cross country wasn’t always about winning meets this season but creating lifelong friends, and for the seniors creating those last memories and enjoying the moments of running with their teammates for the last time. From keeping each other motivated and encouraging each other to do better, this year was a great season.