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Feature Story On Nate Orr

Get to Know Nate Orr

The Hamilton Southeastern boys’ basketball team has a new player this year, senior Nate Orr. Nate transferred here from La Lumiere. I sat down to get to know him a little this week and discussed the upcoming season.

Harrison: Overall, how do you feel about the upcoming season?

Nate: I feel really good about this season we have a lot to prove but I know we will shock a lot of people this year.

Harrison: Is it discouraging that people don’t know you and your talents and you will have to prove yourself, and how do you plan to prove your abilities to the school and coaches/teammates?

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Nate: It’s not discouraging at all I’m not going to try to prove myself I’m just going to play basketball like I’ve been doing all my life.

Harrison: How have you been preparing for the upcoming season?

Nate: I’ve been preparing this whole summer, I had a great AAU season. I have been working with my trainers the whole summer just getting me ready for my last go around.

Harrison: What opportunities are you hoping to have from coming to HSE that you didn’t have at your old school?

Nate: There’s a lot of opportunities that HSE will offer like our schedule we play the best teams around.

Harrison: How are you planning to build relationships and connect with the team given that they are close, and you will have to join and connect yourself?

Nate: Me and the teammates have a great relationship When I moved here, we just clicked. Ever since summer league they’ve welcomed me in and just made it super easy to click on and off the court.

Welcome to HSE Nate, looking forward to seeing the royals have a great season.

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