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The Official Student News Source of HSEHS


Student Media Experience: Uncovered

Meet Junior Alina Baig

What drew you to Media? 

Honestly, I wasn’t drawn until I took digital media. That class really helped show me what it is like to work in media, and I really enjoyed working with others on rotations. 

 What has your experience in Student Media been? 

My experience in media has been nothing but positive. Once I moved up to broadcasting and started working on segments and the newscast, it was easy to have fun but also work at the same time.  

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Of all the student media classes, why did you choose Broadcast specifically? 

I chose Broadcast specifically because I knew that I wanted to work on the newscast. I love coming to school and seeing the product of what we recorded the day before. I would 100 percent recommend Broadcast to take in high school! 

Is there a certain person or experience that sparked your interest? If so, when did this happen? 

A couple [of] people did spark my interest, one of them was Mr. Young himself. In class, he made sure to show us every aspect of media that you can do and showed me that in media, you can pursue whatever you want to achieve. The other people that sparked my interest as well [were] my friends that were already involved in media [and] that recommended for me to participate in this wonderful thing.  

How do you plan to use your experience in Student Media in the future? 

I plan to use my experience in college and possibly a future career. 

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