SSN: How Tom Allen Is Changing IU Football

Davis Gerig

Tom Allen has changed Indiana University Football since coming to the program in 2016. Coach Allen started off as the Defensive coordinator at IU before becoming the next big coach. It took him 2 years before everything changed. In 2017 and 2018 Coach allen went 5-7 and 2-7 in the Big Ten.

He brought in more talent in the next coming years, including star quarterback Michael Penix. In 2019 Tom finished with a winning record of 8-5 going 5-4 in conference play and being 4th in the Big Ten east. 2020 changed his career. Amidst a pandemic Tom took his team to 6-2 and 6-1 in conference losing by a touchdown to the best team in the Big Ten the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Allen has a special bond with his players and that has brought them to be a good team. His Motto LEO stands for Love Each Other. After this year especially the Indiana Hoosiers will always know to stick together no matter what happens. Michael Penix tore his ACL in his Sophomore season and as soon as it happened you could see players and coaches run over to him and try to help him up.

Another example is when Allen’s son Thomas Allen got injured early on in the season, Tom and his players rushed over to embrace Thomas as he was carted of the field. They do love each other. This can lead to big things in the future for the Hoosiers. After being within the top 10 football rankings multiple times this team will continue to grow and learn together. This will be a very special team in the coming years.