Interesting 2021 NBA Prospects

Davis Brown

With the NCAA season being finished for over a month, many analysts are drawing up their mocks for the 2021 NBA draft. There are a lot of interesting players in this draft, and I’ll be going over my opinion and thoughts about a few of them and making my predictions. 

The first prospect I want to talk about is Oklahoma State guard Cade Cunningham. Cunningham has a weird hybrid build between a point guard and a shooting guard. He is 6’8 and has the build of a forward, the playmaking ability of a point guard, and the deadeye shooting of a shooting guard. He is for sure the best player in the draft, and he will go number one overall.

Next, is a weird one, and its Jalen GreenIn 2020, Green was the highest rated high school prospect In the nation, and he was one of the first players to go straight from high school to the G-League. He is a top-5 prospect in the draft, and I couldn’t agree more. He is the most elite guard in the draft, and has the most potential in the draft, because of his competition gap between college and the G-League. A lot of mock-drafts have him going number 3, behind Jalen Suggs, but I think he will go number two overall. 

Another interesting prospect is Luka Garza. The big man for the Iowa Hawkeyes and AP National Player of the Year, single-handedly made them a one-seed in this past tournament. He was an elite scorer and could shoot from anywhere on the floor. He could also bully players on the post, due to his big frame, but a lot of analysts are downplaying him in this draft. Personally, I think he has a particularly low ceiling in the NBA. He has the weird build between each position and doesn’t have the mentality of an NBA player. I also think he struggles with Stamina and other tangibles. Therefore, I think he will drop to the middle of the second round.  

Lastly, is Illinois guard and Bob Cousy Award winner, Ayo DosunmuDosunmu was a beast in college and a lot of people thought they were the unstoppable team in the tournament, but then teams learned how to guard them. His loss to Loyola-Chicago dropped his draft stock and now he is projected to go late in the first round. I think this would be a steal for any team who pick him up. He would be going to a solid team and would get to learn behind some stars. His potential is there, but his draft stock is not, so I’m going to say he will go 25th overall to the Nuggets.