SSN: Sam Smith Spotlight


Matt Meyer

The Decision

Freshman year, Sam Smith had a big decision to make. Should he continue his commitment to the swim team or should he pursue a new path on the golf team? Smith had a great career in swimming, but he was ready for a new challenge. He decided to join the HSE Golf team.

His first year playing, he only played JV due to his inexperience. He was desperate to play varsity. This motivated him to dedicate his time and take his game to the next level. After countless hours practicing, he made significant improvements and was ready for the next level. He credits his time on the swim team for teaching him how to train hard and develop a strong work ethic. Smith did not get his shot at varsity until his junior year. He embraced the new challenge and conquered many of his goals. He showed great improvement through his dedication and will to succeed.

This year, Smith is a senior. He has emerged as a key leader on the team. Blake Dillow, Smith’s teammate, said, “He holds himself and all of us accountable and he motivates us to be the best we can be”. Smith has grown as a golfer and as an influential leader of the team.

This year, Smith has ambitious goals for the team. He hopes to win Sectionals and compete for the State Championship. There are a lot of younger golfers on the team. Smith hopes to instill the same drive he has into them and have a successful season. Story by Matt Meyer