Varsity Basketball – The Makalusky Special (Splash Sisters)

Learn the surface story of Riley and Maya Makalusky’s basketball lifestyle.

Nicknamed the Splash Sisters, Riley and Maya Makalusky are, in fact, living up to the name. I’ll just let these facts speak for themselves…

In the first game of Maya Makalusky’s high school career, and Riley Makalusky’s junior season, they combined for 38 points.

Combined they have 10 D1 offers. From what schools?

Purdue Fort Wayne


Michigan State

Purdue University (to name a few)


Riley (right) poses with Maya (left), (Jen Makalusky photo creds)


Growing Up

Growing up in Colorado, Riley and Maya did not start playing basketball till they were in 1st and 3rd grade. They got into recreational basketball, courtesy of their mom, Jen. She played D1 basketball at Villanova, and she inspires her girls to set their minds to something and then go do it.

In eighth grade, and Maya in sixth grade, they came to Indiana, and that is where they really started to strive to be recognized and known as good players.

People Who Have Inspired Them

They both talked about their mom when asked about who inspires them.

“She did what I aim to do in my life. Yes, she played D1 in college basketball, but she is also the strongest woman I know.” -Riley


Riley’s style of play is focused on fake outs. Her hustle is shown on the defensive end and the glass. Steals. Steals. Steals, as well. She has a nice handle and ability to see out different situations on the court. Her next obstacle is building more strength to improve range.


Maya’s style of play is speed and cutting through defense to score. She is, and I quote, “she’s actually known for being a perimeter shooting threat”, Prep Girls Hoops Indiana says. She blocks shots and is good with trapping, her next obstacle is building her strength.



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