“A Change is Gonna Come”

A Change is Gonna Come

Mary Claghorn, Design Editor

infograph rumors revealedMajor changes are coming to school 2015: new room numbers, two grades new to the building and opening of The College and Career Academy which is a new wing to the building, but also it brings a new philosophy of education for not just the academy but the whole high school. Classes will try to dive deep into a more interactive experience instead of simply sitting and processing the information taught.

“Part of our job here is to make sure students are ready for what comes next, regardless of what it is,” Assistant Principal Philip Lederach said. “It’s not just going to happen out in the new area. It’s a philosophical change of a shift in focus. It’s not just taking information, facts, figures, dates and names but doing things with them and thinking critically and applying them in new ways to situations.”

Students can get ready for college right now by taking one of the eight different pathways showcased on the school’s website. Different from Project Lead the Way, these pathways are recommendations of what possible AP classes students could take based on their career choice. None of these classes are required but a recommendation in their interested field.

“It can give students an idea of all the careers that are within one of those umbrella titles,” Principal Matt Kegley said. “A lot of times when people think of medical careers they jump immediately to doctor or nurse. But, if you look at those pathways there are several careers listed that all fall under this umbrella of medical.”

This new space will give flexibility to the school to allow this type of learning to flourish and to keep improving the standard of excellence.